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Reader x Spain – To Forgive and Love

Note:  Please read the description if you haven’t read the intro.  Sorry, had a major writer’s block for a few days but finally thought of this, so hopefully it’s ok.

“Ok (name), vhat do you vant to do?”

Your eyes scanned the room to glance at all the countries who were waiting patiently for your decision.  How could you choose from all your favorites?  It was nearly impossible since you had too many of them.

As your eyes roamed the room, your eyes faced the direction of the BTT, short for the Bad Touch Trio.  France was making flirty gestures at you and giving you his famous wink while Prussia was grinning and wiggling his eyebrows at you.  You rolled your eyes at both of them and resisted the urge to laugh at their cheesy flirting.

However, you then looked at Spain who seemed to be looking at you with interest with a smile on his face.  His emerald eyes looked you over, but not in a seductive way like the other two did.  You blushed and hid your face in the blanket that Japan had brought for you earlier.

You could hear Spain chuckle at your embarrassment.

“Hey, Germany.  The chica can stay with me.”

You looked up from the blanket at Germany who had a stern face on, but seemed to be pondering something.

“Can I trust zhat you vont let anyzhing bad happen to the frau?”

“Of course~!” he said cheerfully, giving him a wide grin.

“She’s-a going with the tomato bastard?  Hope you-a survive the experience, ragazza,” Romano mumbled both in shock and anger.

“Aww~, come one Lovi~.  I wasn’t that bad taking care of you when you were little.”

“Whatever you idiota.  Just-a don’t come running to me if something goes-a wrong.”

Spain just chuckled and glanced back at you, catching you staring at him, and gave you a cheeerful wink.  This made your cheeks heat up a little and you retreated your face back into the blanket.  

A loud cough startled you and everyone else as Germany cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“Ok, since I don’t zhink ve vill get anyzhing else done tonight, the meeting is dismissed.  Although, England, please vork on zhe spell to send (name) home, and if you don’t I vill send France and America to your house to make sure you do vork on it.”

You stole a glance at England who had France and America looming over his shoulders.  His face had become slightly pale, but when France began to whisper something in his ear, he turned around and began to strangle him.  All America did was laugh his signature laugh as he watched the two of them try to strangle the other.

You giggled at there argument and smiled, but you failed to notice that Spain was watching you.  His face had a pink blush across it and his face showed a little shock at the sound of your laugh.  

It was like an angel’s laugh to his ears and it was so beautiful, and he instantly fell in love with you.  He decided to keep that to himself though, until you got to know him better.

Everyone then began to file out of the room, some looking at England and France, rolling their eyes in either amusement or annoyance.  As everyone filed out, France got out of England’s grip and ran out the door with England close behind yelling ‘bloody frog.’

Romano came up to you while Spain was talking to Prussia.  He had on his normal scowl and his eyes flashed with annoyance.  

“Good luck with-a the tomato bastard.  I’ll give-a you a tip though, he’s extremely oblivious to-a everything, and he’s too carefree in my opinion.”

“I think I’ll be alright.  He’s not a bad guy you know.”

He just grunted in response and his forehead furrowed even more at the thought.

“Thank you, though, for the advice, Romano.” You smiled up at him which caused him to blush and mumbled a soft ‘your welcome.’

You watched as he made his way out the door, and then turned your head towards Spain who was now making his way over to you.  Prussia had left for the door and turned to give you a sly wink which you answered with a roll of your eyes.

“Lo siento, chica.  Are you ready to go?”  He asked with a smile, holding his hand out for you to take.

You nodded your head and took the hand that he had offered you.  He then lead you outside, half running with excitement, to the parking lot and over to his car.  He opened the passenger door like a gentleman and helped you into the car.  He skipped over to the driver’s side and started the car.

He glanced at you and noticed your eyes were beginning to drope, and chuckled at your tired expression.

“Go ahead and sleep, chica.  You’re gonna need your energy for tomorrow when I show you around my country.”

You again nodded your head in understanding and let sleep claim your tired form.  A part of you excited for what was in store for tomorrow.

-----------------Spain’s POV---------------------

(Name) quickly fell asleep, cuddling up into the blanket that Japan had given her.  Her hair looked so soft and her face was so peaceful.  She was just so bonita that I couldn’t believe she even existed.  

“Lovino va a estar tan celoso que una muchacha hermosa se quede conmigo.”  Smiling widely to myself.

I could have sworn I heard in the distance Lovi yelling at me, “Don’t call me Lovi, you tomato eating bastard.”

I chuckled and returned my attention to the road and continued to drive the 2 hour drive to my home.  The festive lights of the cities glowed brightly in the night as people partied and danced into the night without a care.

After the two hours, I pulled up to the driveway and shut off the engine.  I then got out and went to unlock the house door before going over to the passenger side, and gently picked up (name) without waking her up from her deep sleep.  I carried her bridal style into the house and carried her upstairs to the guest room.

The room was filled with pictures and artifacts of previous years, and the bed had a comforter with my countries’ flag on it.  Quietly and gently I tiptoed to the bed and placed her down onto the mattress.  She stirred slightly, but quickly fell back asleep.  I held back a giggle at her cute sleeping face and brought the covers up to her chin.

“Dulces sueños ,” I whispered and pecked her forehead before leaving the room and heading towards my own.

I slipped into a loose shirt and shorts and climbed into bed, but couldn’t get (name) out of my head the whole night.  I couldn’t wait to show her around and have so much fun.

‘Ah~ I’m going to have to ask for Lovino’s help later,’ was my last thought before falling into a light slumber.

----------------------------Time skip (5 months)----------------------------

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months.  Time just seemed to fly by when you were with Antonio.  He showed you all around his country.  The scenery was gorgeous.  The rolling green meadows rustled with each passing gust of wind along with the rustling of trees.  The steady flow of the rivers calmed your soul whenever you were stressed out about life, and you would often just lay on the banks daydreaming about life.

Just as time had past quickly, so did your relationship with the Spaniard.  He never ceased to amaze you with his carefree life.  He taught you to dance, speak some Spanish though you gave him a hard time to tease him, and take care of his tomato garden.  He absoluely loved tomatos almost as much as he loved his churros.  He never let you get bored and always found something new for both of you to do.

He was just sweet, caring, and just fun to be around.  You couldn’t imagine a day without him.

Although, the only thing you didn’t like was that whenever France and prussia came over.  They would always secretly flirt with you, but luckily Antonio was there to protect you.  He made sure you were never alone with them, but always sat next to you and acted very protective of you.  

Truthfully, they hadn’t made a move on you since the first time they came over.  They had gotten you alone from Antonio, but he came running in and threatened to throw them in the bull fighting ring.  You had never seen him that mad and hoped it never happened again.

Right now, you and Antonio were tending to his tomato garden.  It was getting close to noon and the sun had risen high in the sky.  Thankfuly it wasn’t too hot outside, but after a while it took it’s toll on the both of you.

“Hey, chica.  Want to do something new today?”

“Sure.  What did you have in mind Toni?”  You asked curiously as you continued to pull weeds from the garden.

“Want to watch me go in the ring with some bulls?”

Your eyes widened in fear at the mention of bull fighting.  Was he serious?  Wouldn’t he get hurt?

“U-Um I don’t really think that’s a good idea.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Ah, Come on~!  It will be fun, and don’t worry.  I fight bulls all the time!  There’s no way I could get hurt.”

“I hope you knock on wood after that statement, Toni.”
Your chest hurt, like a bunch of daggers piercing it at the thought of him getting hurt or worse.  

You then glanced at him and saw that he was giving you his best puppy eyes.  He knew that giving you to puppy eyes would make you crumble and give up.  His emerald eyes glistened with hope that you would give in and come with him.  You narrowed your eyes and tried your best to turn away, but found yourself entranced by him.  

Groaning, you finally gave in, and closed your eyes and rubbed your temple.

“Fine.  Just promise me that you wont do anything stupid or reckless.”

“Yay~! I promise you’ll have a ton of fun watching my performance (name)!  And I also promise not to do anything too reckless,” smiling and glomping you into a big hug.

‘What did I just get myself into,’ you thought as you were almost dragged towards the house to get ready.

-------------------------Mini time skip to arena-------------------------

You were now watching Toni as he put the last of his matador outfit.  It was clad in red with fanciful golden decorations sewed into the shirt and pants.  The pants were black and went down to a little past his knees where his white stockings started.  He wore black shoes and a white shirt under his red jacket.

He then tied his signature red sash around his waist and finished prepping himself by the mirror.  He looked handsome that’s for sure, but all that stuck in your mind was the arena.  You would have been all for this if it weren’t for the uneasy feeling in your gut.  You knew something was going to happen but what, you didn’t know.  

He then looked at you deep in thought from the mirror and gave a light chuckle.

“I already told you I have done this a bunch of times before, (name).  There’s nothing to worry about,” he said with a smile on his face.

“You’re covered in red, the one thing the bulls are drawn to.  I don’t think I can’t not worry.”

How could he still be cheerful and act like this wasn’t a life or death thing?  He was taking on a bull for crying out loud.

Sighing, you shook your head and then lowered it to the ground.  You didn’t notice him walk over to you until you felt a hand under your chin.  It lifted your face up, and you were now staring into the green depths of Toni’s eyes.  He still wore his carefree smile, the one that made your heart beat faster and made a blush form onto your cheeks.

“I still have something I want to tell you when this is over, so I wont let those bulls touch me.  So please don’t be scared and cheer me on ok?”  

You looked away and closed your eyes, trying to calm your racing heart and process what he said.

“Ok, just promise me you will come out of this ok?”

“Of course!”  He said cheerily, and placed a soft kiss onto your cheek before heading out into the ring.

You touched you cheek softly where he had kissed you, still feeling the lingering touch of his lips against your skin.  It reassured you and you took a deep breath and headed for the stands.

You took your spot in the front row where Toni had told you to sit and watched as he went to the center of the ring.  He stole a glance at you and winked before turning his attention to the door where the bull was held, taking out his red sash in preparation.

The door swung open seconds later with a loud bang and the bull came charging out.  It was massive and pure black.  It’s body radiated with hard muscle and just the sight of it made you sink in your chair in fear.

It ran around the arena once as if to gauge its territory before placing its full attention on Antonio.  Each powerful breath it took caused the nose ring it had on to move.   Its eyes held rage and fury as it began to size him up before stamping its hoof and charging.

Antonio held his ground till the last second before catching the bulls face into the sash and spinning to the side out of harms way.  You let out the breath you had been holding only to quickly suck in another when the bull charged again.  Once again Toni dodged it with ease, but you could see something flash through his eyes.

‘What is he up to,’ you thought, but a moment too late.

The bull stomped down hard onto the ground and charged faster than it had before.  Toni then threw the sash into its face and jumped as high as he could.  He somersaulted over the bull, but right as he landed on his feet, the bull kicked out his hind legs and caught him square in the back with full force.

“TONI!!!!” you screamed, standing up and clutching the rail so tight your knuckles turned white.

He instantly fell to the ground and other matadors jumped into the ring, trying to get the bull away from Toni as a few others grabbed him and took him into the back.  Seeing where they went, you dashed down back where Toni’s room was, almost tripping a few times along the way.

‘Stay calm (name).  He promised he would be ok.’  You kept telling yourself over and over again until you came to the medical ward.

The doctors and other who were there told you to wait outside until they could assess the damage and make sure Toni was ok.  You nodded and went to sit at a vacant bench not far from the room.  You curled up into the bench and put your face into your hands, sobbing at the fact that Antonio might be really hurt.

About 30 minutes later, the doctors came out and told you that you could see him and that he wasn’t in serious condition.  He just had small gashes on his back and deep bruising to his rib cage.  You sighed in relief and went into the room, seeing Toni laid out on a bed.

Toni was laying on his stomach and his torso was wrapped in bandages.  His face was slightly scrunched in pain while his arms were under his head.  You could hear him panting and breathing hard, but you heard him mumble slightly.

“Now she probably wont feel the same way after seeing that.  Guess I messed up big time.”

He then buried his face into his arms and just sighed heavily.  It pained you to see him this way cause he was never this down or sad.  You could also tell that he regretted his actions, so you chose to forgive him for now for his stupid stunt.

You made your way over to the bedside, kneeling on the ground, and then gently rubbed his shoulder.  His head bolted up at your touch and his eyes went wide as he realized it was you.  He opened his mouth o say something but closed it, not knowing what to say.

Sighing you spoke up first, “I’m not mad at you though I’m a little upset you did that.  You made me have a heart attack, I thought you were seriously hurt.”

You fought to keep your tears back, and succeeded while Toni lifted his gaze to yours again, his emerald eyes held hope in them.  They also held deep sadness, probably for putting you through all this.

He muttered something under his breath and began to lift himself off the bed, grimacing at the pain that came with each movement.

“T-Toni!  What are you doing?!  You need to lay down,” you scolded him and stood up.

He ignored you and walked over to you.  He then brought you into and tight hug and buried his face into the crook of your neck.  You gasped and froze, not knowing what was going on.  You had your hands on his chest and you could feel his racing heart as your own began to pick up its pace.

“Lo siento, siento haberte hecho pasar por eso. Por favor perdóname.” He pleaded into your ear.

Thankfully you remembered his Spanish lessons, so you knew what he said and responded with ease.

“Te perdono. Solamente no hagas algo así otra vez, por favor.”

He hugged you tighter and sighed out in relief.  You would have hugged back, but you remembered his injuries and just melted in his arms.

He pulled away and looked you directly in the eyes, his normal cheerful smile back on his face.  He placed his hands on either side of your face before placing his forehead against yours.

“Te amo, (name).”  He whispered before crashing his lips to yours.

It took you a second before you reacted to his sudden action and confession, but you quickly melted into the kiss.  He tasted like his sweet tomatoes that you loved.  His hands went from your face to your waist to deepen the kiss as yours made their way to tangle themselves in his chocolate locks.  The kiss continued to get more passionate as it went on, but you both had to part because of that evil thing called air.

You both were a panting mess as you both kept your foreheads touching.  Toni began to laugh and you looked at him confused.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that, Hermosa.”

You giggled and leaned your head against his chest.

“Te amo tambien,” you whispered, earning another tight hug from Toni.

He might have been a showoff in the ring, but you couldn’t deny your feelings for the carefree.  You knew he would keep you happy for the rest of your days, not knowing another day of fear ever again.

The End~


Lovino va a estar tan celoso que una muchacha hermosa se quede conmigo = Lovino is going to be so jealous that a beautiful girl gets to stay with me

Lo siento, siento haberte hecho pasar por eso. Por favor perdóname. = I’m sorry, I’m sorry for putting you through that.  Please forgive me.

Te perdono. Solamente no hagas algo así otra vez, por favor. = I forgive you.  Just please don't do something like that again.

Hermosa = beautiful
Te amo = I love you
Yo también te amo = I love you, too
Had major writer's block this week, but suddenly got an idea and finished up the last 5 pages. I liked the idea, but hopefully you all like it too. :) If Spain is a little OOC sorry, this is my first Spain x Reader fanfic.
Also, thank you :iconnekoyoumukonpaku: for helping me with the translations :)

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
Story belongs to me

Intro: [link]
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solchudiazb Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Student General Artist
It's amazing, I really enjoyed it :D
And the spanish sentences were well written. (Spanish is my mother toungue)  There aren't many fics  that do.  So congrats  and keep writing such cute stories ;D
OtakuFreakFan Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
Okay so I'm taking Spanish at my school and want to say that "Te amo tambien" is a more accurate way of saying it. It directly translates to "I love you, also." I just think it's weird because you're saying "I also I love you"

this is is also a fact that Bulls are color blind. The color red just symbolizes action and time for the kill type of deal. Or it's just a really bright, and enjoyable color.

sorry if this made you made, but I couldn't help it.
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Since I don't know other languages I kind of rely on Translators.  I encourage people to tell me if something is wrong because I'd rather it be right than wrong.  Also, the red with the bull was a my fault thing.  I didn't think to fully research that ^^' 
OtakuFreakFan Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
No problema. Practica las lenguas y está contenta!!! 
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AnimeLover09192000 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 26, 2014  Student General Artist
"England, please vork on zhe spell to send (name) home, and if you don’t I vill send France and America to your house to make sure you do vork on it.” -My reaction: FrUk and USUK baby!!!!!!!!!!! America (Happy) [V1] England (Shy Strip) [V2] France (I'm awesome because...) [V2] 
My reaction to my own reaction: Nosebleed The Monkey With the Nosebleed :nosebleed: Nosebleedfall Nosebleed2 Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed

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Spanish corrections:
The first one:
Lovino va a estar tan celoso que una mujer bella va a quedarse comigo.

Second one:
Lo siento, lo siento hacerte pasar por todo eso. Perdoname porfavor

Third one:
Te perdono, pero porfavor no welvas (sp?) a acer eso de nuevo
auralaeriza Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Student Artist
Te perdono, pero *por favor* no *vuelvas* a *hacer* eso de nuevo

 i talk spanish :)
SakuraDrowned Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
so do I,
I guess I'm a bit rough tho
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So cute! :iconheartrollplz:
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SakuraDrowned Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Last part
Dah same
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The story: luckily you had taken Spanish lessons
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I could have sworn I heard in the distance Lovi yelling at me, “Don’t call me Lovi, you tomato eating bastard"
I DIED. :iconpervymomoplz: (lol me and my friend is the oringial voicers of Momo Momone so I use that icon a lot since I also roleplay as her)
ElizabethDChartigan Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I only have a comment " sueños dulces" is like dreams sweets so it would be " dulces sueños"
Nightsevera Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh ok thank you very much :)
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I got messed up actually, nevermind. Whoops, my bad. I'm on my phone, not paying attention.
LizziMoney Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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In a lot of bullfighting spain stories he always gets hurt!! NO ONE EXPECTS HIM TO BE GOOD AT IT!!
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YAAA IT HAD MY FEELS... :iconfeelsmemeplz:
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Daww, so cute!
But if he offered to take me to the bull fight, I would've been all: "Bitch, I don't give a shit if you die. Don't you dare touch that poor bull."
NekoYoumuKonpaku Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
Good job! I love it~ :iconfangasmingplz:

-despite errors with the Spanish- D: I hope you don't take it like a aggression or something, is just an observation (( I talk Spanish, that's why my English is weird XD))
Nightsevera Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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NekoYoumuKonpaku Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
You're welcome~ yes... the translator is weird (?) XD Sure! I'll help you ^^

:bulletred:"Lovino va a estar tan celoso que una muchacha hermosa se quede conmigo"

:bulletred:"Lo siento, siento haberte hecho pasar por eso. Por favor perdóname"

:bulletred:"Te perdono. Solamente no hagas algo así otra vez, por favor"

:bulletred:"Yo también te amo"

That's all ^^ It wasn't too much :meow:
Nightsevera Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Oh I love Spain, but bullfighting... I don't like it 'cause they torture the poor bulls before sending them into the ring. Also bulls are drawn to movement, nmot the color red, it's a fact. Anyway, I still feel bad for Spain,
Nightsevera Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't like bullfighting either honestly. This was just one of the ideas I got for him, but I didn't know they were drawn to movement.
japanxcanadaforever Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I'm a Taurus, so it kinda makes sense for me not to like it, id ... my mom's a taurus too and she doesn't like bullfighting... coincidince? Idk...
And yeah, the movement, i found that out because of the show mythbusters. It's a good show...
Nightsevera Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love mythbusters!! How have I not seen that episode... lol X3
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