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Reader x China – The Lantern Wish

Note: Please read description if you have not read intro.  Also, I’m sorry if china is OOC.

“Vell (Name), vhat do you vant to do?”

You sunk a little into your chair as your eyes hesitantly scanned to room to look at the various countries.  Truth be told, you were extremely excited to be able to be here and see all your favorite countries, but to have them all looking at you expectantly made you very nervous.  How could you choose just one nation over so many others?  

The sudden feeling of a deep stare caught your senses and you turned your head to the source of it to find a figiting China.  He was wearing his green military uniform that had a red armband on his upper left forearm.  His brown hair was tied into a ponytail behind his head while his chocolate brown eyes looked at you longingly.  He was figiting with the hem of his shirt and it looked like he wanted to say something, but knew no one would take him seriously.

The sudden opening of the meeting room door jarred you out of your thoughts.  You looked over to it and saw Japan coming over with a pillow and a blanket in his arms.  He handed the blanket to you and you whispered a quiet thanks to which he responded with a small bow.  He kept the pillow with him for some reason, but you didn’t ask why.

“Has (Name)-san chosen who will be staying with Germany-san?”

“Not yet,” he replied in a indifferent tone.

“Hey Vest!  She can stay vith zhe awesome Prussia!”

“Nein!  I vill not have you vatch over her, and besides you live under my roof.”

“Aw come on.  If she stays vith us I can show her mein awesome five –Gack!” He was cut off when Japan forcefully threw the pillow he was holding into Prussia’s face.

The force from the throw was enough to knock Prussia backwards to the floor with a loud thud.  Spain and France began to crack up at their friend while you let out a small giggle, smiling.  

What happened next you werent prepared for.  Somehow a second after you giggled, China had come up from your right side and brought you into a tight hug.  He nuzzled the side of his head against the side of yours affectionately.

“You’re so cute, aru!!  Germany can she please stay with me?  Please?”  

He looked to Germany with his eyes sparkling and pleading.

Germany rasied a brow as if contemplating, but spoke up soon enough.
“I thought you vere staying vith Russia, or am I wrong?”

China froze and began to shake a little in fear while still holding tightly onto you.  You glanced at his face and saw that he was looking in Russia’s direction.  You then brought your gaze to Russia and noticed he had a menacing purple aura around him.  All the nations around him were leaning away and cowering in fear.

“Da, China is staying with me,” his voice sounding calm and kind, but his aura said otherwise.

“Z-Zhen I don’t think she vill be able to stay vith you China,” Germany stuttered out.

China’s expression became both crestfallen and scared, but his hold on you didn’t loosen.  You saw his sad face and something inside you built up, giving you courage to speak up.  

“C-Can I please stay with China, Mister Russia?  It will only be until I can go back home.”  

You tried to sound confident and calm, but your voice crackled a little.  Every nation looked at you stunned, surprised that even you would stand up to the fiersome nation.  Russia brought his icy gaze to yours and looked you straight in the eyes.  You held you gaze firmly and the purple aura around him began to disappear.  He gave another of his smiles and spoke again.

“Alright, but China will come back to stay with me once you are sent home, da?”

You nodded and he proceeded to stand up and leave the room, but not before coming over to you and patting you on the head gently.  As he walked out the door the nations relaxed, but they were all in shock.  America spoke up first in an amazed tone.

“Dude, you just took on Russia and actually won… That’s totally cool!” He fist pumped in the air and gave you a high-five.

You rolled your eyes at his childish behavior, but couldn’t help but grin in amusement.  You then turned your attention to China who was no longer trembling.  He was looking up at you with sparkling eyes filled with admiration, joy, and something else you couldn’t put your finger on.  His mouth was slightly agape in awe, but suddenly it turned into a happy smile as he glomped you into a tight hug.

“Thank you so much, aru!  Now I can show you around my country and we can have so much fun!”

You just chuckle and return the hug as Germany then cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“Ok, since the decision has been made, (Name) vill be staying vith China.  England, if you’d please vork on zhe spell to send her home?”

“Of course I will.  No need to worry, but I will say it may take some time.”

Germany just grunted in understanding and proceeded to address the other nations.

“As for everyone else, this meeting is now adjourned since I see that ve vont be getting much else done.  Come on, Italy.  Let’s go home.”

“Ve~, ok Doitsu.  Ciao bella,” he said and gave you a quick hug before following after Germany.

With that the other nations began to pack up their papers and other belongings.  Some even came up to you to shake your hand or give you a high five for standing up against Russia.  You just nod and smile, returning each gesture in a happy matter.  You still couldn’t believe you had just met all the countries from Hetalia, and may have made one of them a tid bit upset.

A small tug on your blanket brought you out of your thoughts, bringing you to look up at China.  He was wearing a huge smile and was holding his hand out to you.

“You ready to go (Name)?” he asked with his gentle smile, though you could hear the excitement in his voice.


You gently took his hand and began to lead you out the door towards the main entrance.  You both walked silently, but somehow it wasn’t an awkward silence.  You somehow felt at ease with him near you, though you wouldn’t admit it out loud since you only just met him.  China suddenly stopped in front of the entrance and looked back at you concerned.

“Is something wrong China?”

“Are you sure you’ll be warm enough, aru?  It’s very cold outside and I don’t think the blanket Japan brought you will help to much.  Ah!  I know, one second, aru.”

He then began to take off his military jacket, first taking off the red armband.  He was only wearing a gray undershirt beneath it.  Once it was off, he asked to take your blanket, which he then slung over his shoulder.  He then proceeded to have you put on his jacket as a small blush crossed his features. The jacket was very warm and you snuggled into it while China put the blanket over your shoulders again.

“There you go.  Now lets get to the car before we both catch a cold, aru!”

After he said that, you both went through the doors and dashed to his car.  It wasn’t too far, but the freezing temperature hit you hard.  It nipped at every exposed piece of skin that wasn’t covered by your clothes or the blanket.  Once at the car, China ushered you into it and went to the other side to get in himself.  You curled yourself into a ball, trying to conserve any remaining heat that was left in the jacket.

“Sorry, aru.  I should have known it was this cold, but I forgot.  I’m so sorry!” he bowed his head low.

“D-Don’t worry about it.  It happens to all of us,” you stutter out, patting him on the head soothingly.

You didn’t think he would be this way, but knowing he had to deal with Russia, you couldn’t blame him.  Though it did make you want to comfort him.  He lifted his head to look at you with a grin spreading across his face.  He then threw his arms around you in another hug, though this time you were expecting it.

“Thank you, aru.  Now let’s go home.”

Home…you missed it already, but you knew that being with China would make the sadness go away till you were able to get home.

China had started the car and began driving off towards his house.  He turned the heater on once the car had warmed up and the warmth seemed to lull you asleep.  It had been both a long day, and a very eventful night.  With a long yawn, you closed your eyes and let yourself fall into a blissful sleep.

-----------China’s POV--------------

It was about 10 minutes into the 2-hour drive when I noticed that (Name) had fallen asleep.  Her face looked so peaceful with her (h/l) (h/c) framing her face.  She looked so cute!  

I wanted so badly to hug her, but I knew I couldn’t.  One, because I was the one driving the car, and two, I didn’t want to wake her from whatever dream she was having.  I hope it was of pandas…or maybe me.

Wait! What did I just think?  No I couldn’t possibly feel that way towards her.  I mean I just met her, and she probably doesn’t feel the same way.  She also probably wants to get back home.    I couldn’t keep her from that.

“Aiyah~, what am I going to do aru~” I groaned to myself.

I made myself focus back on the road, but that still didn’t stop me from taking small glances at (Name)’s cute sleeping face.

After the long drive I finally drove up to my home.  It was surrounded by a thick, bamboo forest, and I just knew (Name) would love it.  I got out of the car and went over to her side.  I was going to wake her up, but the smile on her cute, sleeping face stopped me.  I didn’t want to ruin whatever dream she was having, so I gently picked her up and headed to the guestroom.

Somewhere along the way, (Name) subconsciously snuggled into my chest.  I blushed furiously and began walking faster to the room.  Once there, I opened the door, careful not to wake her up, and walked her over to the bed.  The room was decorated with various objects from previous years.

I lay (Name) down and pulled the comforter over her sleeping form.  She looked so peaceful and beautiful while she slept, it was hard for me not to squeal out loud.  A thought came to my head, but I didn’t know if I could do it.  I brushed a stray hair out of her face and quickly pecked her cheek.  

Blushing harder than I ever have, I hastily walked to the door, but not before turning around and uttering a small phrase.

"Wǒ xīwàng nǐ yǒu hǎo de mèng."

-------------------Time skip (6 months)----------------------

It had been about 6 months since you moved in with Yao.  The days went by not too slow and not too fast, you never complained.  His ornate home was beautiful beyond words and his garden was probably, no, the most beautiful in the world.  It was filled with a bamboo forest and even had a koi pond in the middle.  It was actually a good size pond with numerous koi fish, big and small, swimming within its 2 foot depth.  

You had never gotten tired of Yao’s country.  There was always something to do whether it be a festivel or a quiet walk around Yao’s vast garden. Although, while the weather was almost always nice, sometimes it got too hot or rained too much.  It would usually force you to stay indoors, but the good side to this was you got to spend more time with Yao.  

You had grown to love the happy Chinese man.  He never let you frown are even think about being sad.  He seemed to do his best to keep your mind off your home and think about only the positives.  He wanted you to have fun sight seeing, going to the festivels, and spending time with him.

What you didn’t know was that Yao didn’t want you to ever leave.  He could never get you off his mind, and he wanted to make sure you were always smiling. He loved your smile more than everything and your laughter sounded like an angels.

Right now both of you were sitting on a bench in his garden.  It sat on the bridge that led over the pond and it was the best place to sit and relax.  The sound of the calm, running water and the various chirps of birds was extremely calming and relaxing.  It would always melt away any troubles you had and take you away from reality.

The sudden sound of shuffling cloth drew you back to reality, and you cracked an eye open to see Yao trying to get something out of his pocket.  Once he got it out you took notice that it was an envelope but it had hello kitty all over it.  Although, as soon as he took it out, he stuffed it back into the pocket with a small blush on his face. You couldn’t help but crackle a small smile and close your eyes again.

“You look cute when you blush, Yao,” you teased, knowing that he didn’t like being called cute.

“Aiyah! Not you too, aru.  I’m not cute!!”

“Really?  Cause you looked really cute with your hair down.”

“I told you, I’m not cute!!  Wait…when did I ever have my hair down around you?”

“You were working in the garden and happened to have your hair down,” you stated matter-of-factly.

He puffed out his cheeks like a child, but his blush only deepened.  You were about to say something, but were cut off.


The sound of your phone going off made both of you jump a little, and you quickly looked at the number.

It was Arthur.

‘Wonder what he could want.’ You thought as you pressed the answer button and got up to walk away from Yao a bit.

“Hey Arthur, what’d you need?”

“Hello, love.  I hope I’m not calling at a bad time?”

“No you’re fine.  Yao and I are just sitting in his garden.”

“Okay, that’s good.  Well to get to the point, I’m calling about the spell to send you home.”

Spell to send you home?  Oh, that’s right.  This isn’t your real home.  You had almost forgotten about that.  

“I’m dreadfully sorry to say that I cannot finish it, or more accurately, I can’t use it.  Every time I go to try to use it the portal opens, but when I go to try to walk through, all that’s there is a solid wall.  I think our worlds are now forever closed off.”

Tears pricked your eyes while soft sobs escaped your throat.  You couldn’t see your family or friends again?  Just this thought alone broke your heart to pieces.  True Yao made this feel like your home, but this could never be your one true home.

“(Name), love?  Are…Are you alright?”

Clearing your throat and wiping your tears away with your sleeve, you tried to sound fine but fialed.

“I-I’m alright Arthur.  Just shocked and sad.”

“I’m so sorry, (Name).  This is all my fault.”

“I don’t blame you Arthur.  And if you still think so then I forgive you.  I’m gonna go tell Yao.  Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, love.”


You stood there for a few more moments, letting it all sink in while trying to keep yourself calm.  You let your arms just hand at your sides while one still held your phone.  If Yao saw you like this he would freak out and demand who made you cry.  Though, someone tapped on your shoulder and caused you to jump and whip around.  Your (e/c) eyes came face to chocolate brown ones.

Yao’s smile turned into a frown when he saw the red around your eyes and the dry tear tracks down your cheeks.

“(Name), what’s wrong?  Why are you crying?” He asked frantically, bringing his hand to your cheek to wipe the new waves of tears away.

“I-I can’t go back home…I can’t see my family again,” and with that you broke down crying.

Yao pulled you into an embrace and put your head into his shoulder.  You grabbed the front of his red mandarin shirt and silently cried.  Yao just rubbed circles on your back and pet your hair gently, whispering sweet nothings into your ear.  

You both stayed like that for a few minutes till you calmed down.

“Thank you, Yao.  I feel a bit better now.”

“Don’t lie, aru.  I know you are still sad.”

You smiled, he always knew when you lying.  

“(Name)?  I think I might know what will make you happy.”

You looked up at him, both confused and curious.  He was looking down at you with hope filled eyes and a wide smile.

“Today’s the lantern festival.  Would you like to go with me?”


---------Mini Time skip to Festivel that night-----------


Your mouth hung open and your eyes were opened as wide as they could go.  All over the festival grounds as far as you could see were lanterns of various shapes and sizes.  It was like and ocean.  Some were even in the shape of animals.  They glowed with their brilliant hues of orange, yellow, and red.  Fireworks were being lit all around as child and their parents all held hands and walked together.

“It’s so beautiful,” you managed to whisper.

“You like it, aru?”

All you could do was nod and Yao let out a chuckle.  He gave you a smile, the one you loved dearly, and grabbed your hand with his.

“Let’s go get a lantern, aru~”

“Yeah!” and with that you both set out to a stand to chose a lantern.

Your eye caught sight of a (type of lantern) lantern and you pointed it out to Yao.  He got you both your own lantarns, his being a panda, and you went to hang them with all the others.  They were wonderfully decorated.  You secretly wrote your name on yours along with a silent wish when Yao wasn’t looking.  When you did, you found him doing the same thing.

“You making a wish Yao?”

“Ack!  You’re not supposed to see my wish (Name)!  It wont come true if you see it, aru,” he hugged the lantern to him and hid it from your view.

“Don’t worry I wont look, but I hope your wish comes true,” you reassured him with a smile.

He blushed furiously and turned around again to finish his wish.  Once he finished you both lit your lanterns and hung them with the rest.  You looked at them for a few moments, hoping with all your heart that the wishes you both made came true.  

“(N-Name)?”  Yao spoke up, breaking the silence.


“U-Um could we go to a less crowded?  I have something I want to show you.”

“Sure,” and you both began to make your way out of the crowd that had formed.

You both found a quiet bench not too far away from the festival grounds.  It seated next to the river and had an over hanging tree behind it.  Fireflies light up the river and some even flew around the two of you.  You giggled inwardly since this seemed too perfect, but you couldn’t deny that this made your sad day better.  You closed your eyes and let the noises from around the area fill yourself.


You opened your eyes again and saw Yao standing in front of you, holding the same envelope he had hid in his pocket earlier.  He held it out for you to take while holding his head low like he was embarressed.  You sat up straight and took the letter from his hands.

“The envelope is cute,” you said with a smile.

Yao just blushed, but kept his head facing down so you couldn’t see it.  You opened it up and carefully took out the small note that was inside and began to read it.

I’m not good at saying how I feel out loud, but I want you to know how I feel.  Ever since the first time I saw you, I have fallen for you.  Your smile brightens my day and your laughter is like the voice of an angel’s.  I want to be able to always make you happy in any way that I can, and I never want you to feel sad.  I want to be your light, your lantern to drive away the past and guide you to the future.

What I really want to say is… Wǒ ài nǐ.  Since the first moment I laid eyes on you.

You looked back up to Yao with a red blush on your cheeks.  Did he really mean it?  Did he really love you?  You set the card down, keeping your eyes focused on Yao as he finally glanced up to meet your blushed face with his own.  You stood up and

“Do you mean it?” You asked, barely above a whisper.

In response, he pulled you into a bone crushing hug.

“Wǒ ài nǐ, (Name).  So much I cannot express it with just words alone.”

“I love you too, Yao.”

He tightened the hug slightly before pulling away and looked into you (e/c) eyes, then leaned forward to connect his soft lips to your own.  You melted instantly and wrapped your arms around his neck as his fell to your waist.  The kiss lastest for a couple minutes before both of you were forced to part for air.  Yao leaned forward so that both your foreheads were touching, looking down at you with loving eyes.

“My wish came true.”

“What did you wish for Yao?”

“I wished that the one I loved would love me in return.”

You both then sat back on the bench and cuddled with each other for the rest of the festival, stealing kisses here and there while you both held hands.  It was all thanks to a lantern wish.

The End~

Translations: (once again of they are wrong don’t hesitate to correct, and thank you to anyone who does :))

Wǎn'ān, wǒ de xiǎo xióngmāo. Wǒ xīwàng nǐ yǒu hǎo de mèng. = Good night, my little panda. I hope/wish you have good dreams.

Wǒ ài nǐ = I love you
So sorry for the late submission >_< I went on vacation for a week, and it didn't help that after I got back someone decided to drive into the electric pole. Went without power for about a good 18 hours. But, thankfully I got this done so I hope you like it :) Now I'm gonna head to bed lol.

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
Story belongs to me

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